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Version: 0.17


Applies the primitives from @orbit/core to data sources. Includes the following elements:

  • A schema for defining models, including attributes and relationships.

  • Operations used to manipulate records (e.g. addRecord, removeRecord, addToHasMany, etc.).

  • Transforms, which are composed of any number of operations, and must be performed transactionally.

  • A query language that allows query expressions to be composed in a flexible AST form.

  • A base Source class that can be used to abstract any source of data. Sources can be decorated as pullable, pushable, queryable, syncable, and/or updatable - each decorator provides a unique interface that allows for transforms and queries to be applied as appropriate.


Install with yarn:

yarn add @orbit/data

Or with npm:

npm install @orbit/data



To install dependencies:

yarn install


Distributions can be built to the /dist directory by running:

yarn build


CI Testing

Test in CI mode by running:

yarn test

Browser Testing

Test within a browser (at http://localhost:8080/) by running:

yarn start


Copyright 2014-2021 Cerebris Corporation. MIT License (see LICENSE for details).