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Version: 0.16


Orbit is distributed on npm through the @orbit organization in several packages.

Core libraries

Orbit consists of the following core libraries:

  • @orbit/core - A core set of primitives for performing, tracking, and responding to asynchronous tasks, including:

    • An event system that allows listeners to engage with the fulfillment of events by returning promises.

    • An asynchronous task processing queue.

    • A log that tracks a history of changes and allows for revision and interrogation.

    • A bucket interface for persisting state. Used by logs and queues.

  • @orbit/data - Applies the core Orbit primitives to data sources. Includes the following elements:

    • A schema for defining models, including attributes and relationships.

    • Operations used to manipulate records (e.g. addRecord, removeRecord, addToHasMany, etc.).

    • Transforms, which are composed of any number of operations, and must be performed transactionally.

    • A query language that allows query expressions to be composed in a flexible AST form.

    • A base Source class that can be used to abstract any source of data. Sources can be decorated as pullable, pushable, queryable, syncable, and/or updatable - each decorator provides a unique interface that allows for transforms and queries to be applied as appropriate.

  • @orbit/coordinator - A coordinator and set of coordination strategies for managing data flow and keeping Orbit Data sources in sync.

  • @orbit/utils - A common set of utility functions used by Orbit libs.

Standard data sources

Orbit provides the following sources for accessing and persisting data:

  • @orbit/memory - An in-memory data source that supports complex querying and updating. Because memory sources maintain data in immutable data structures, they can be efficiently forked. Forked memory sources can diverge from the master memory source, and then the changes can be merged later.

  • @orbit/jsonapi - Provides full CRUD support, including complex querying, for a RESTful API that conforms to the JSON:API specification.

  • @orbit/local-storage - Persists records to local storage.

  • @orbit/indexeddb - Persists records to IndexedDB.

These standard sources can provide guidance for building your own custom sources as well.

Standard persistence buckets

Buckets are used to persist application state, such as queued requests and change logs. Standard buckets include:

Additional libraries

Additional libraries related to Orbit include:

  • ember-orbit - An Ember.js data layer heavily inspired by Ember Data.