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ยท One min read
Dan Gebhardt

I'm excited to announce a complete refresh of! ๐ŸŽ‰

Our site has been rebuilt using Docusaurus. The source for this site now lives in Orbit's monorepo right alongside the packages that it describes. This will make it easier to update docs along with code, preferably even in the same PRs.

I'm especially excited to announce that we are finally publishing API reference docs, generated with TypeDoc, alongside the Orbit guides. The first API docs available are for the upcoming v0.17, which can be accessed directly here or by choosing from the documentation version selector in the upper right.

While the current API docs are much better than nothing, the prose and examples are pretty thin for most packages. Please be patient as we work to fill out these docs through improved code annotations. Community contributions are encouraged and most welcome! โค๏ธ